The Ghost of Paul Weaver

by Drift Mouth

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released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Drift Mouth Columbus, Ohio

Antiquated and twisted Appalachian murder ballads and backwater tragedies, dragged through a sluice of runoff from the slurry pond and rolled in coal dust

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Track Name: The Ghost of Paul Weaver
They say he lost his life
Riding the rails
Of a Norfolk and Southern train
He's been a ghost in these hills
Such a long time
Everybody knows his name
Down in the valley below

He stayed alone most days
And all night
In the morel patch and crabapple grove
It was a rare fine day
That he'd stop by
And visit with Eliza Jones
Down in the valley below

On restless nights
On these bitter and winding roads
Cut from the hills
By the hands that cut our throats
He walks the ages, and the stories they unfold
Down in the valley below

The men in town, they thought
That Paul was weak
They said that he was nervous and slow
But when the Company came
For their land rights
He's the only man that said No

Eliza came one night a'callin'
And found herself a typewritten note
Said "I'm lightin' out babe,
I'll be gone and nobody will ever know,
Down in the valley below"


Paul Weaver lost his life
Tied to the rail
Of a Norfolk and Southern train
He's been a ghost in these hills
Such a long time
Nobody remembers his name
Track Name: I Suppose
Well I suppose, I suppose
As the dark of the evening grows
And a circle of light
Passes by
There ain't no more tomorrows
To set right my yesterdays
In the morning I'll be gone, I suppose

I cannot recall
Too much about that evening
From hours drinking Crow in her favorite chair
I walked the moonlight down
To the old abandoned fairgrounds
I lost her now but I know I met her there
I laid out on the midway line
Just staring at the treetops
And the carvings in the old concession stand
Back down the pathway in the darkness and confusion
That's where I was found by Sheriff's men


She said she'd done this mountain town
For far too long, it's over
She left me low in all my misery
Saw her hitch a ride out
With a man from Massachusetts
They say they found her body in the creek

Well I can't prove a thing now
And these men they aim to hang me
'Cause my darker side is the only one they seen
But I laid down beside her
And I woke in absolution
Long before these walls imprisoned me